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Groupe Mamu offers a comfortable accommodation solution to your team with its Villebois housing. The Villebois accommodation offers double rooms, including many amenities, as well as a catering service for all your meals.


To book your accommodation or for more information, please contact:

Pierre-Luc Morin
Phone : 418-637-5364
Email address : [email protected]

Villebois housing

We want your teams to be well rested and to enjoy many services during their stay on the construction site. Thus, we offer double rooms with TV and WiFi included.

The catering service also includes full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch is varied, as are the suppers, which are of superior quality. Here are some examples of meal options:

  1. Pulled-pork BBQ
  2. Braised beef parmentier with sweet potato
  3. Monkfish fillet in a milling way
  4. Simmered veal with mustard
  5. Ricotta and spinach manicotti with rosé sauce

Rate starting at $ 85 per person, double occupancy, per night.