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Groupe Mamu has developed a business line completely different from the civil works and infrastructure industry: building construction. Our architects are experts in the modular manufacturing and construction of industrial, residential and commercial buildings. We also provide building maintenance so your projects can stay on top.

Modular manufacturing

Our company specializes in the manufacture of prefabricated units for the construction of hotels, apartments, camps and for all your custom projects. Our buildings are designed for all areas including the residential, commercial, mining and oil sectors.

Industrial and commercial buildings construction

Groupe Mamu also builds for residential, industrial or commercial projects. We are here to realize your project ideas, big or small, simple or complex.

Building maintenance

We offer general building maintenance service: diagnose faults, repair or replace defective parts, provide general maintenance. Our maintenance teams are specialized in electricity, carpentry, plumbing, painting and heating. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote

Benefit from our high expertise in building construction !