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Groupe Mamu has been doing civil and infrastructure work for 10 years now. The recognized know-how of our teams allows us to extend our expertise to the four corners of the province of Quebec and beyond, in order to realize unique projects at the cutting edge of technologies. Our ultimate goal is to complete each project, while ensuring that the benefits remain within communities and regions to ensure their sustainability.

Mining Operation

From underground to open pit mining, our teams are trained to deal with all types of terrain. Groupe Mamu has developed its expertise to undertake all of its work in the mining sector according to the highest safety standards for its employees, in addition to working to achieve quality performance in every step of the project.

Mining exploration drilling

Our strength lies in our cutting-edge equipment, our increased knowledge of the various areas of the province and our know-how developed for mining exploration projects.

Drilling and blasting

Groupe Mamu can meet customer needs for drilling and blasting. Specialized equipment, professionalism and safety come together and the teams assigned to this work have many years of experience.


With increasingly efficient equipment and production techniques, we can carry out all kinds of crushing operations, by increasing its reduction capacity, sieving capacity or aggregate washing capacity.

Civil engineering work

Our experienced team deals with the realization of civil works of all kinds. From land preparation, to aqueducts, to the construction of dikes, Groupe Mamu offers a complete service based on skills recognized for more than 10 years.


Groupe Mamu carries out all the work related to paving. The company has everything you need to meet any request from a client (factory, paver, grader, etc.).

Bridge manufacturing

Our company has also developed the expertise of bridge manufacturing, in order to offer a range of services that meet the very varied expectations of its customers. As you may know, in the construction of roads and highways, the manufacture of bridges is a key element.

Railway construction

The skills of Groupe Mamu extend to the construction of railway lines. In Quebec, as elsewhere, railway construction is essential to the development of infrastructure projects.

Formwork and concreting

Whether it’s for a foundation, a building or a hydroelectric dam, Groupe Mamu is a specialist for all types of poured concrete work, both commercial and industrial. Our modern equipment adapts to all requests.


Our company does not just build. One of its strengths lies in the fact that it can take maintenance mandates, especially for roads, highways and paths.